Millicell® DCI web-based application

Cloud-enhanced Capability

The Millicell® DCI web-based application supports convenient downstream analysis as well as archiving of data and images for greater access. This cloud software subscription service can be used to extend capability, save costs, and support redundancy for data backup and protection.

Millicell® Cloud Interface Example

Images are automatically transferred from the instrument to the cloud via Wi-Fi®. Data can then be sorted, viewed, and re-analyzed using the Millicell® Cloud, web-based application. A culture of MDCK cells was measured directly in a T-150 flask using the Millicell® DCI. From Image 1, confluency was determined to be 74% with 1,498 cells in the field of view. Using the average of four separate images, the culture was determined to be 66% confluent with an estimated total cell count of 4.959 x 106 cells.

The Millicell® Cloud service provides a powerful tool for data hosting, organization, and analysis.

Millicell® Cloud Interface Examples