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Measure and assess your cell culture with ease. Our Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager enables more efficient execution of the repetitive daily techniques associated with cell passaging. Quickly and objectively assess confluency, morphology, and growth trends for more consistent cell cultures. Expand capabilities with our off–device cloud storage and web-based application for data analysis, sorting, and archiving.

Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager
Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager

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Increase your productivity

The Millicell® DCI provides a range of benefits to increase your cell culture lab’s efficiency:

  • Easy culture monitoring
  • Faster analysis
  • More accurate results with reduced user bias
  • Assess a broad range of parameters including confluency, morphology, and cell growth trends
  • Evaluate a wide variety of cell cultures including adherent cells and cell lines, spheroids, and organoids
  • Hemocytometer or in-vessel measurement
  • Enhanced accessibility using the web-based cloud service for data analysis, storage, and archiving.
 Increase Productivity with the Millicell® DCI

Accelerate Analysis

With an intuitive interface to simplify analysis, our Millicell® DCI software automates cell culture measurements while giving you full control. From easy-to-use sliders that allow you to adjust measurements based on cell size and masking area to automatic grid finders for hemocytometer-based measurements, the Millicell® DCI can be used by experts and novices, alike.

Streamline Workflows

Whether you’re passaging cells, screening, or manufacturing cell-based products, the Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager offers accurate, objective cell culture measurements of confluency.

Learn how straightforward cell measurements can be in our demonstrational videos.

Expand Capability

Our off-device web-based application allows for convenient downstream analysis in addition to sorting and archiving of data and images for greater accessibility. This cloud-based subscription service can be used to save costs and support data redundancy for backup and protection.

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